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  • While technically not a New Year's greeting, this is a Chinese idiom that translates to "impervious to a hundred poisons". Interestingly, the word 毒, which means poison, is part of the word 病毒, which means virus. As we are still trying to grapple with Covid, I feel like this is a good time to bless each other with this phrase.




    The calligraphy in this collection was handwritten using ink and brush, and then digitized to preserve the unique texture of the brushstrokes. This specific lettering is one of a kind, and cannot be found anywhere else!


    In traditional Chinese culture, paper talismans with various phrases written on them would be glued on the doorposts at the main entrance of a house. The phrases were typically blessings for good health, peace and safety, or some sort of material wealth, and it wouldn't be unusual to see them up year round.


    These modern interpretations are laser engraved in wood, and durable and stylish enough that you will want to keep them up all year! They are available as 3.75 x 11.5" wall plaques and include a sawtooth hanger for mounting, or a convenient 1.875 x 5.75" desktop version with stand.

    百毒不侵 Impervious To A Hundred Poisons - 揮春 Chinese Calligraphy Plaque

    • ✔ Handwritten calligraphy exclusive to Printed by Ray
      ✔ Laser engraved for a precise and clean look
      ✔ Choose from either maple or bamboo wood veneers
      ✔ Each ornament is manufactured, assembled, and packed by me, right here in BC, with materials from local suppliers

    • Items with free shipping are sent via Canada Post Regular Mail or USPS. Estimated shipping time is up to 2 weeks. If you need your item sooner, please message me and I will try to arrange a faster delivery method. Please note, extra charges may apply for expedited delivery.

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