Moon Cake magnet


Mooncakes are intimately tied to Chinese history, folklore, and mythology. From Mongolian invaders, to the lady who lives on the moon, there's bound to be a story that suits your tastes.

But to a modern generation, the biggest question might be "two yolk, or not two yolk?" If Shakespeare ate mooncakes, he might be pondering the same thing.


Size: 2" diameter
Material: 1/8" thick maple veneer plywood
Engraving: laser engraved and cut
Magnet: 3/4" strong ceramic magnet


✔ Hand-drawn digital art style
✔ Each piece is made by me, right here in BC, with materials from local suppliers



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  • Additional Info

    Please note, these are made from real wood veneer with natural wood grain. This means that every piece is unique, and may look slightly different from the photos in both texture and colour.

  • Shipping Info

    All magnets are shipped FREE via Canada Post Regular Mail. Unfortunately tracking is not available with this option. As they continue to advise of delays due to COVID, the estimated shipping time is up to 2 weeks.